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Total Driving School Management is designed to manage all of the most critical aspects of driving school business. Through cooperation with many of our clients throughout the industry we were able to create a very easy to use web based software. Our software addresses all of the critical functions, and some of them quite challenging, like scheduling, classroom management, student billing, keeping track of the outstanding lesson, both in-car and classroom, reporting, open balances and more.

Our software is very easy to navigate, and clients with limited computer skills were able to quickly learn how to efficiently use the program. Both young and old users can manage to use many aspects of the software in a matter of minutes.


We can manage any student information that driving school needs. Our default set of captured data includes many critical fields that are needed to keep track of the student information, however if a particular field is not available we can easily added to your setup, FREE of charge.

Capturing all relevant information is one of the most important aspects of driving school industry. Capturing student or parent email address, will save you time and money and it will improve client experience with your school. Our automatic email reminders, which could be sent to both students and parents, will certainly make your job easier and your schools business process more efficient.

Same is for capturing students high school or how did they hear about your school. Knowing which marketing strategy works, or from which area students are coming from can save you thousands of dollars.

Student and staff scheduling and resource management is probably one of the most difficult aspects of driving school industry. Knowing which staff is available, and avoiding double booking both student and staff is one of the consequences of scheduling on a paper. Not to mention great inefficiency in printing schedules, keeping track of work hours and students BTW balance and communicating with students and parents.

We are proud to say that we have the most integrated, and flexible scheduling capability of any software. There is no other software out there that can match our technological level and ease of use.

We worked with leading driving school in both United States and Canada, in perfecting the process and addressing all needs for scheduling. Our software is so flexible that it can allow office staff to schedule students on-the-fly or allow students to schedule their own lessons, or something in between. Based on school business process and comfort level, our software will adapt to your business process, state laws and requirements.

Instructors can check and print their schedule for a single day, week or a month. With scheduler settings page you are able to set your preferences that fit your business model.


Easy to use Drag-And-Drop will enable you to quickly reschedule an appointment with the same instructor, or reschedule an appointment to another instructor.

Our multi instructor calendar will allow you to view all of your instructors schedules for a single day, and all open times where you can reschedule an appointment.

By dragging an appointment you can automatically change time, date or even instructor. Its that easy.


Scheduler can display all of staff members open times, or if the staff has a day off or has a doctors appointment in the middle of the day. Adding staff unavailability is as easy as adding another appointment for staff.

Drag and drop capability is also available, so that you can easily make modifications, reschedule or deleting staff time off.


Our scheduler will also displays staff and students scheduled class sessions. With integrated classroom your staff will know very easily if a student or staff member already has scheduled behind-the-wheels lesson or a class session.

Scheduler will display graphically when and which session is being taught, eliminating double booking of student, staff and even vehicles.


Quick Student Details is a great feature that will allow you to quickly view certain information about student. With a single click you an view students address, phone numbers, or even view where is their home using integrated map feature.

You will also be able to view their account balance and balance of their in-car lessons. All with a single click of a button.

You can even view the student address on a map.


Scheduler Settings will allow you to setup certain scheduling settings based on you school requirement. Whether its change in working hours of your school, what type of email notifications are to be sent to students, parents and staff to default appointment duration and even color of the appointments.

You will be able to quickly make modification anytime.


With a single click you can find out all of the historical purchases student made. From programs and packages, to behind the wheel cancellations and no shows. On a glance you can view students balance and amount of total purchases.

Printing students enrollment receipt is just a click away.

Same page is used for student enrollment and for student rescheduling, and with our integrated student search, you can easily switch from one student to another without leaving the page.

Our Student Enrollment Accuracy will let you know of classes with open seats, and it will prevent you from overbooking a class.

Just like student enrollment page, Student Billing page will display all of the students payment, charges and adjustments. You will be able to print a single payment receipt, or all of the payment receipts on a summarized page.

Students balance is automatically calculated and displayed.

In addition to capturing the cash, and check payments, we can also capture credit card payments.

With our Integrated Credit Card Processing we can even process the credit cards. Once a credit card is entered into the system, we process the credit card on your behalf, save the successful transaction into students account, and you receive money directly into your account. Please call us to learn more.


Our software keeps track of student both in-car lessons and classroom sessions. In a matter of seconds you can view students upcoming lessons, class attendance history and lesson balance. With integrated hours tracking you will always know how many hours are remaining for each student for both class and in-car lessons.


Online enrollment allows our clients to integrate their web site with their database. With our Integrated Online Enrollment students can enroll and purchase your services directly from school web site.

By adding simple link to school web site students can class schedule and enroll themselves into class of their choosing and submit all of their information which will than be saved into schools database, hence eliminating need for double entry by school staff.

Integrated Student Self Service is a great way to reduce school operating cost while maintaining great customer service and experience.


Great benefit of web based software is ability to communicate with student, parents and staff via email. Our Integrated Emailing will automatically send to students, parents and staff automatic reminders and notifications based on school settings. Our software can send multiple reminders for each upcoming in-car lesson or class session, or even if there was a in-car lesson cancellation.

Keeping parents informed on student progress is one key aspect of effective driver education. Not to mention disruption in staff utilization due to no shows and appointment cancellations.


Integrated Credit Card Processing is another aspect of our software that will allow your students and parents to pay directly for your services either from your web site, or student portal, or by student payment processing by school staff.

When credit card is processed funds are deposited into your bank account and transaction is directly linked and associated with the students account.

Our software is seamlessly integrated with industry leaders such as Authorize.net™ and PayPal™ processing engines, making the signup process completely seamless, without need to use several different sites to process single payment. This eliminates double entry of student payments.

In addition to secure processing our application and servers are PCI compliant adding an additional layer of protection and security for you and your clients.


Ability to access relevant information 24 / 7 is one of the greatest features of or software. We have great capability of allowing both students and parents to access information any time any place.

Whether its viewing in-car schedule, or classroom schedule, or even to get driving direction to any of your locations. They could even schedule their own in-car lessons, schedule a class makeup, or pay their outstanding balance.

By allowing students and parents to login and view their information your school can be open 24 / 7.

Based of school requirements we can enable or disable certain features and functions.


Marketing is as important as good customer service. Keeping good track of your leads and how did students hear about your school is just as important. With leads management module you will be able to create and track how students heard about your school allowing you to gauge if and which marketing strategy is working.

Knowing if one marketing approach is working or not can save you lot of precious resources.


For any business owner keeping employees accountable or knowing daily sales, or which students have open balances, or how many lessons and class session staff taught. Its all just a click away.

Each of our existing reports can me modified and edited to perform exact function needed by your school

We also specialize in custom reports that can make your business function even more efficiently. From contract printing to state required forms. We can do them all.

We include following reports:

Sales Report All sales summarized for any time period for all products and services sold.
Transaction History Itemized list of all payment and payment adjustment transactions.
Open Balances List of all students who have open balance.
Authorize.net Report List of all transactions thru Authorize.net credit card processor
Staff Hours Cumulative in-car and in-class hour by each staff member
Vehicle Hours Cumulative vehicle usage for each vehicle
Class Roster Student list enrolled into a class
Class Attendance Sheet Session based print of all students enrolled
Enrollment/Purchase Receipt Purchase receipt that could be printed and handed to student or parent. Online enrollment also has receipt that could be printed by student after completing enrollment.
Payment Receipt Payment receipt that could be printed and handed to student or parent. Online enrollment also has payment receipt that could be printed by student after completing enrollment.
Student Account Recap Overall student account recap that show student information, class session and in-car lessons recap and outstanding balance.
Instructor Schedule Prints instructors daily schedule.
Contract Printing Print contract for any student.
Student Data Export Ability to export student data based on a number of requirements. Information is exported into Microsoft Excel™.


For some of our clients mailing is still part of their business model and day to day operations. Our software is seamlessly integrated with label printer that allows school staff to print address labels with student information directly from the database.

Each label is printed in less than 1 second. Days of writing envelopes or using sheets with labels are over.

Visit DYMO.com for more details on label maker.

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